The Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery Phase 3 Expansion project was designed and is currently being constructed for the Department of Veterans Affairs for $35.0 million. This project includes the design and development of approximately 50 acres and includes approximately 21,900 gravesites.

This project also includes renovations and upgrades to the existing elements, buildings, and features within the cemetery. Project specifics include 12,000 preplaced crypts, (of which 1,500 are required for ETO), 600 oversized pre-placed crypts, 600 in-ground traditional full casket gravesites, 3,000 in-ground cremation sites, a 5,700 niche columbarium, memorial wall, access roads, roadway system and parking, repair/seal existing cemetery road system, site furnishings, signage, grading, drainage, landscaping, irrigation, a 1,800 foot deep well, security perimeter fencing, public restroom facility, protected habitat preservation, wetlands, and mitigation and geographic information system (GIS) site integration.

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