• An Honest Partnership

    We build with a foundation of ethics and lead with integrity
  • Safety is Our Priority

    We protect our clients so they can protect our country
  • High Quality for a Great Purpose

    We do things the right way for the right reasons
  • An Honest Partnership

    We build with a foundation of ethics and lead with integrity
  • High Quality for a Great Purpose

    We do things the right way for the right reasons


C&C believes that having an Ethical approach to every aspect of what we do is the only way to do business. We understand the importance of being open and honest about any issues on a job with the client. We point these issues out, work with them to find a solution, fix them, and move on. An ethical mentality is one of the most important traits a company can hold. We emphasize to our employees to do the right thing, even when no one is looking.


Safety is the number one priority for C&C Contractors. No job is successful if someone gets hurt. C&C goes above and beyond to create a safety culture that all our employees believe in and adhere to. C&C believes that Safety is everyone’s job. C&C has over 300,000 hours without a lost-time accident.


C&C takes great pride in the quality of our work. All our cemetery jobs are built to National Shrine Standards which is the highest quality of work obtainable. We use this standard as a model for all our projects which provides our customers with exceptional final products.


At C&C Contractors, our projects are completed on time or ahead of schedule with the excellence we promise. We understand and apply exceptional working knowledge concerning the complexity and time it takes to get these projects out to bid thoroughly and concisely to provide a great product for the User in a timely manner. We work hard to ensure our customers receive a great project as soon as possible while maintaining a safe and quality job.

About C&C Contractors

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” John Ruskin

C&C Contractors is a certified HUBZone and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB) Construction Business. Since 2008, C&C Contractors has provided high-quality construction and renovation projects for the Department of Veteran Affairs, the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and other federal agencies. C&C Contractors takes great pride in what we do, from building the final resting place for America’s warriors, to constructing large buildings and facilities for our military forces. C&C knows that the keys to being successful on any project are to partner with the client, be ethical in everything we do, keep everyone safe, build a quality project, and always finish on time or ahead of schedule. C&C Contractors has successfully completed over 300 million dollars in projects for the federal government.

What Our Customers Say

  • “C&C Contractors (C&C) is performing exceptionally well on the VA’s Barrancas National Cemetery Expansion project. For this FY16 design-build Major Construction project, C&C has master-planned, designed, and is near construction complete on a difficult and critical 20-acre expansion to an active National Cemetery and on a secure DoD installation (Pensacola NAS, FL).”
  • “C&C has worked with the government in finding creative and cost-effective solutions to legacy problems. Early on in the project, C&C identified the source of flooding of existing grave sites as a problem with the existing irrigation system, as opposed to a high water table or active spring. C&C promptly made the repairs and eliminated the problem for the government at minor cost.”
  • “C&C performed and worked well with the Corps of Engineers as well as the user that was on site for the entire duration of the project. They executed the work well and if there were deficiencies, they corrected them in a timely manner.”
  • “C&C managed this project with a partnering attitude. The contractor and government each faced challenges in completing this project, and C&C was always willing to research and give the government options to help resolve issues. C&C was also open with the Government when an issue would arise, and was open to exploring various solutions.”
  • “The quality provided by C&C on this project was exceptional. The contractor conducted all required inspections during the three-phase inspection process professionally and always notified all parties of an event within adequate time. QC documentation was done in a timely manner and covered all required topics within the reports along with any additional applicable information. The workmanship was professional and in accordance with all plans, specs, and applicable codes. Staging areas were maintained and work areas were cleaned after the day's work had been completed.”
  • “The performance of the Contractor's management staff exceeded the Government's benefit under this contract. No minor problems or issues were left unaddressed to the satisfaction of the Government. The design-build process was managed extremely well and the contract was delivered on time.”
  • “Quality of work and workmanship was outstanding. Care was taken by all representatives including subcontractors to ensure a quality and consistent product in all respects. A major item was the quality of the site concrete which was especially in full view and usage by the public. There were issues with the finishing and the appearance in general. The General Contractor completely used their might to handle their subcontractors properly and have concrete replaced in many areas to satisfy the contract requirements. The GC completely understands quality, QC, and QA.”
  • “I think some mention of these contractors’ professionalism should be made at our next meeting and during a (redacted) visit next week. We received about 30 positive comments on them from families over the last couple of weeks. Despite the appearance and inconvenience at the entrance way (due to construction), our families make a point to mention how the workers all stop whatever they are doing and face the procession and place their hands over their hearts when they enter the cemetery and pass by. They also have mentioned how courteous they are when asked questions about what we are doing and mindful of their safety when visiting. We have yet to receive a negative comment from anyone, which speaks loudly considering the understanding level of sensitivity our customer base is experiencing.”
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At C&C Contractors, we build more than facilities, we build careers and family. C&C Contractors is an employee-friendly, equal opportunity employer. Unlike the larger firms, you are more than just a number at C&C, yet will still offer the same competitive benefits and pay. We do our best to create a family atmosphere that values our employees as equally as we value our clients. Contact us to learn more!

Here at C&C Contractors, we take tremendous pride in what we do and who we do it for.

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